Sit and Step Stool

Sitting posture analysis

Individuals vary in their chosen sitting postures when in a stool. Some prefer sitting high, some prefer a semi-reclined posture, while others like having something to rest their feet on. Below is a survey of the seating preferences and seat heights of 20 individuals.

Inspiration and Concept

When I contemplate this idea, what I aim to create is a structured stool that embodies the dual concepts of strength and fragility, firmness and softness, simultaneously.

Prototype Experimentation in Multiple Dimensions

I advanced this concept further by conducting structural prototype experiments in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, followed by the fabrication of the selected model at a 1:1 scale.

Enhancing Design Through 3D Iteration

3D modeling and prototypes proceeded in alternation, with the final version undergoing updates in terms of dimensions, thickness, structure, and connection methods.

Exploded View and Renderings

Showcases overall dimensions, perforation locations, and attachment methods.

Details display

Final display

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